Fancy Built can deliver anywhere in the USA and it's free in the State of Utah!

We deliver* anywhere in the U.S.!  Read information below carefully to understand our set-up** and delivery policies.

Free Delivery within the state of Utah!


Approximate Delivery Charges Outside Utah:

$1.80 per mile from Payson, UT

(Approximately... It could be more or less depending on your exact location so please request a quote for a more exact cost.)  

Alabama $3240
Alaska $3840
Arizona $1080
Arkansas $2640
California $1140
Colorado $840
Connecticut $4200
Delaware $3960
Florida $4560
Georgia $3360
Hawaii $6600
Idaho $720
Illinois $2400
Indiana $2820
Iowa $2040
Kansas $1800
Kentucky $3000
Louisiana $2760
Maine $4800
Maryland $3840
Massachusetts $4320
Michigan $3120
Minnesota $2280
Mississippi $3000
Missouri $2340
Montana $1140
Nebraska $1380
Nevada $660
New Hampshire $4320
New Jersey $4020
New Mexico $1200
New York $4080
North Carolina $3840
North Dakota $1800
Ohio $3120
Oklahoma $2040
Oregon $1200
Pennsylvania $3600
Rhode Island $4320
South Carolina $3840
South Dakota $1680
Tennessee $3060
Texas $2220
Vermont $4200
Virginia $3720
Washington $1620
West Virginia $3480
Wisconsin $2700
Wyoming $780

*DELIVERY: Builder will deliver the structure and/or pieces and/or necessary materials to the customer’s address.   Delivery includes loading onto builder’s trailer, hauling structure to customer’s address and the cost of gas and wear on truck and trailer used to haul structure.  Delivery is FREE in Utah for most structures.  Some structures valued at less than $2000 are limited to free delivery within 40 miles of Payson, UT.  Delivery to destinations outside of Utah will be charged a delivery fee of approximately $1.80/mile from Payson, UT. 

**SET-UP and ASSEMBLY: at least 3 FREE hours of Builder’s time is included with all of our structures for Set-up and Assembly of the structure. The use of a crane, forklift or other equipment may be necessary to set-up and assemble the building. Set-up and assembly may include lifting the structure or pieces off of the trailer, setting them in place, hooking up electrical wiring, adding trim pieces, touching up paint, attaching cupola, or any other finishing-up tasks deemed necessary by either Builder or Customer.  If your structure is too big to be unloaded by hand and a crane service or other equipment is required to set up and assemble the structure the cost of the crane service or forklift rental is the responsibility of the Customer.  Builder’s labor after the first 3 hours costs $35/hour.  Crane/forklift service costs between $150-400 depending on how long it takes, how far it has to reach, the weight and size of the structure and the travel distance from equipment yard to your site.  Builder may request that the customer provide manual assistance of 1-2 additional men to help unload and assemble structure. 

All of the delivery and set-up details are spelled out in a contract that is signed by both builder and customer before project begins so there are no surpirses for either party.  Please E-mail us if you have any questions or call 801-592-1153.