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Written by Jennifer Dengin   
Thursday, 29 January 2015 00:00
People always ask us, "What does a Fancy Built Playhouse look like on the inside?"  Well, that depends on what the customer wants.  Some of our playhouses are finished on the inside just like a real house with insulation and electrical in the walls.  We cover that with paneling or sheetrock (drywall) on which we mud and tape the joints and then sand and smoothe the joints until they are not visible.  Next we will paint the walls.  Sometimes we will paint the trim around the doors and windows a different color than the walls (We call that 2-tone painting.)  We install real light fixtures, a doorbell and even a timer switch so that you don't have to remember to tell the kids to turn out the light at night.  Flooring options include stained cement, laminate or linoleum.

If finishing the inside is not in the budget we will leave the playhouse inside unfinished which means you will see the back side of the plywood walls, plywood flooring and wall framing.  Something that really sets us apart from other companies is that we always finish the ceiling.  This is because we don't want little kids accidently getting poked by roofing nails that stick through the plywood roof.  Bet you didn't think of that!  So when you're shopping around for a playhouse keep that in mind.  I'm telling you, we think of everything!  We've been in business long enough and have 5 kids of our own so we know what kids can do!  Our first priorities are safety and quality. 

As you probably know, playhouse prices range anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000 depending on size, features selected and whether or not you want the inside finished.  So call us today and let us know what YOU have in mind for your special backyard kid domain.  We'd love to hear your ideas.  801-592-1153















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