Krohn's Castle


  • 3 connected 'Playhouses' (2 story princess tower with pointy roof and metal flag, playhouse with loft inside and 2 story castle -can't be seen in this photo)
  • Painted Wood Shake Shingles
  • Decorative Drawbridge
  • Slide
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Swinging rope bridge
  • Bucket on rope and pulley
  • Includes swingset with 2 swings (separate or attached)
  • Real Cultured stone on front corners (like they use on big people houses)
  • Loft inside Playhouse and Princess Tower

Pricing: ("width" x "depth" x "height" Dimensions indicate size of structure and slide only, allow additional space for drawbridge and swings.)

  • $16,490    12' x 12' x 11'
  • $17,890    13'' x 13' x 11' ON SALE! only $15,990!
  • $18,790    14' x 14' x 13' (pictured)
  • $19,990    15' x 15' x  13.5

Custom colors and design modifications available.  (How about dreaming up one of these using Faux German Stucco, Old Wood Trim and Carved Shutters...)  All of our playhouses can be finished inside with electrical wiring for lights, insulation, drywall, paint, moldings, etc.

Add-Ons Available (Click to See Photos):

  • Balcony (on larger sizes)
  • Wave Slide Off Balcony
  • Spiral Slide off Balcony
  • Rock Climbing Wall off Balcony
  • Secret Room in Loft 8'x8' x 9'or larger (Hidden door opening behind large painting hanging on the wall)
  • Fireman's Pole
  • Mailbox
  • Matching Tower
  • Swingset attached to Tower
  • Faux Fireplace inside
  • Door knocker
  • Door Bell
  • Bell
  • Sliding Peephole in Door

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