Tiffany's Playhouse

For your little sweetheart (or sweethearts if you have several.)  What makes a house a home?  Is it the real windows with screens, the flowerboxes, the charming front porch?  Or is it the hours of time spent therein, enjoying the company of good friends and family.  We all know the answer.  A little home like this only becomes more beloved the more it is lived in by those you love.


  • Front Porch with real vinyl railing and posts
  • Porch wood decking included (not pictured)
  • Scalloped or straight trim
  • Single dormer on roof
  • Heart shaped plexiglass window in dormer
  • 30 yr architectural asphalt shingles
  • 6 windows
  • Window options include shutters, plexiglass or real vinyl/glass windows with screens.
  • Long-Lasting Vinyl Flowerboxes
  • Full Loft inside

Pricing: ("width" x "depth" x "height" Dimensions include front porch)

  • $6,990    7' x 7' x 9'
  • $7,890    8' x 8' x 10'
  • $9,090    8' x 9' x 10.5' 
  • $10,290    8' x 10' x 10.5' or 9'x9' x 10.5'
  • $12,690    9' x 11' x 10.5'

Custom features and design modifications  are available.  All of our playhouses can be finished inside with electrical wiring for lights, insulation, drywall, paint, moldings, etc.

Add-Ons Available (Click to See Photos):

  • Balcony (on larger sizes)
  • Wave Slide Off Balcony
  • Spiral Slide off Balcony
  • Rock Climbing Wall off Balcony
  • Secret Room in Loft 8'x 8' x 9'or larger (Hidden door opening behind large painting hanging on the wall)
  • Fireman's Pole
  • Mailbox
  • Matching Tower
  • Swingset attached to Tower
  • Faux Fireplace inside
  • Door knocker
  • Door Bell
  • Bell
  • Sliding Peephole in Door

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