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We were contacted by NBC to showcase our "Bavarian Cottage Playhouse" on their new game show, "It's Worth What?"  Well, we couldn't say no to that!  It was quite an experience to set up one of our playhouses in the famous CBS studio backlot.  All of the crew who helped us said they wanted it for their kids.  Our episode is September 13, 2011 on NBC at 8:00pm.

Moving playhouse onto set of NBC game show

Last year Jen sketched a little cottage with crooked walls and a swooped roof.  She wanted it to have the look of the shoemaker's cottage tucked away in a Bavarian forest where a princess is secretly living to escape her evil stepmother...or something like that.  Now that little sketch has become one of our most popular models; popular enough to catch the notice of TV producers.


When KSL (Utah's local NBC affiliate news station) found out about our new celebrity status they too did a story about us.   The story aired on September 13 on the 10:00 pm news. 

We were also talked about in the Daily Herald


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