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Do you deliver? Set-up? Install On-site?

Yes, to all of the above. The prices listed include FREE set-up and delivery within the state of Utah.  We may assemble most of the building in our workshop before delivering but we also build on site. Each project is unique.  How we build your outbuilding will be determined in part by the accessibility of the site.  Please make sure there is adequate access for us to deliver your outbuilding or let us know in advance if we need to bring it in smaller pieces. In other words, we can't back our trailer through a 3' wide gate!...In that case a crane or forklift may be hired to lift your building over the fence.  The cost of crane or forklift rental is the customer's responsibility and varies depending on size of structure and the distance from where it is unloaded to the spot where customer wants it set down.  Usually the cost of a crane or forklift rental is around $200.

We also offer nationwide delivery for approximately $1.80/mile from Payson, UT, 84651.

What kind of foundation do I need for my outbuilding?

First of all you need to have a level spot of ground.  You could pour a 4" thick slab of concrete but you could also prepare the area with compacted gravel or garden pavers instead of cement. The foundation should be at least 3 inches larger all the way around the perimeter of the building. So if your outbuilding is 4'x 6' you should have a 4 1/2' x 6 1/2' foundation.  We think that a gravel foundation is preferrable because it is less expensive and water can seep through it into the ground.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of our structures for one full year.  We will come back and make repairs if there is any problem with the way the structure is built.  We guarantee that the roof won't leak and the structure will be built in a sound manner.  Customer is responsible for the upkeep of the structure.

I want a custom playhouse (or other outbuilding) with features different from what is on your website. Is that OK?

Yes, we can build anything you can imagine.  We'll come up with a sketch and blueprint for your playhouse based on what you want.  Send us an e-mail and describe a little about what you want and then we'll give you a call and send you a drawing.

What about payment?

We accept cash, checks, credit cards or PayPal upon request. We require that you pay half down so we can purchase materials and the second half after your building is complete. 

I have some ideas for a playhouse and a budget, what now?

E-mail us and tell us your ideas, we will call you and send you some sketch drawings of your playhouse ideas that fit within your budget. We can add or remove features to keep inside your budget.

sketch of a playhouse

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