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Custom Homes to Custom Outbuildings

Sergei, the "Fancy Builder" himself,  had been building custom homes for 16 years when the housing market crashed in 2008 and suddenly we found that we needed to do something else to provide for our family.  We soon found the perfect outlet for all our creative skills we had developed when building fancy houses for rich people:  "Fancy Built -Playful Outbuildings" started out as a family side business with Sergei and his dad, Nikolay, building sheds and playhouses for local customers.  We found that every person has different ideas about what they want in their shed or playhouse or chicken coop.  Our niche is in building exactly what you, the customer wants while working within your family's budget.  We stick with you and your project from the early dream/design stage in the beginning to the final building and set-up at the end.

 Photo of Jennifer and Sergei

Jen is the designer.  She works one-on-one with you, keeping in constant contact via phone and e-mail as together you design the perfect outbuilding that fits your unique needs.  She can draw up a shed that matches your house or a playhouse that matches a drawing in your daughter's favorite storybook.  Sergei is the master builder and with the help of our crew they can build anything you can imagine.  Literally!  Not only does Sergei have experience building custom million dollar homes but he has also worked on several movie sets, commercial projects and the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.  Most recently he has built the alien city for the new Disney movie, "John Carter of Mars" near Lake Powell, UT as well as a permanent outdoor movie set of the city of Jerusalem (covering almost 7 acres!) for the LDS Church.

 Photo of the Family: Jennifer, Sergei and their 5 children

 Jen and Sergei have 5 kids so they know what kids want (and what they can do to play structures!)  We also have a milk cow, a dog and a flock of friendly chickens.  We live on a 2 1/2 acre "hobby farm."  Our dream is to spend more time together at home, raising our kids, raising a garden and beautifying our little piece of heaven on earth. 

Sergei walking in the field with his milk cow, Bessie. A colorful roosterView of the garden, chicken coop and scarecrow.


  Designing and building playful outbuildings is what we do for fun and fitness (and to finance our dream).  We have really enjoyed meeting and getting to know each one of our many customers from the owner of the farmer's market in Pocatello, Idaho, to the family with 9 children in Alpine, UT.  It was fun for us to work with the great people at NBC and the producers of the game show, "It's Worth What?"  They (and especially their children) all fell madly in love with our "Bavarian Cottage Playhouse" which was featured on their show in September 2011.

Well, that's about tell us about you.  We'd love to hear about your backyard plans and we look forward to building for you your very own fancy and playful outbuilding!


“Sergei is the best builder I’ve ever seen.  I would recommend him over anybody else.  I’ve seen his work over the last 5 years and it’s always straight.  I know because I have to plaster over it.  Everyone I’ve talked to who he and his crew have done work for also says they did a really good job.”

-Mike Peterson, Peterson Plastering, Provo, UT, (801) 376-1742


“He’s just a great guy.  He’s honest and does quality work.  He and his crew just finished framing an eleven thousand square foot home for me.  I’m very pleased with their work.  He’s a great subcontractor.  He just does what he agreed to do without arguing.  If something is not right he will fix it.  He’s a good business manager and always on the job with his crew making sure things are done right.”

-Scott Nuttall, General Contractor, D. Scott Nuttall Construction, Orem, UT, (801)358-3201


 “Sergei is the best builder I’ve ever worked with. He does quality work for a good price and is very dependable.   I’ve always been happy with his work. He even calls me to make sure he’s done the backing all OK.  Most other framers don’t even return my calls.”

-Stephen Davis, Stephen Davis Drywall, Salem, UT, (801) 400-9037